We like it when a brief is a little out of the ordinary. And even more so when it's little bit close to home. The one that came in lockdown couldn't have been closer and more personal. VisitBrighton put us on the pitchlist for something we get could get right behind - the city itself. People have been coming here since the time of the Prince Regent. It's the original seaside resort. But Covid-19 stopped all

By early April of this year, the realities of lock-down and the implications for the future were already occupying our minds, and some of us were casting our thoughts ahead and speculating on the direction things would take once the unlocking began. Now the process has indeed begun, and however you feel about the timing, communication, science or politics of the ‘re-opening’, I think we are already seeing evidence of the strong pull towards a return

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever taken much notice of St George’s Day, but as lockdown has left my wall calendar almost entirely empty this month, it stood out to me. And even more so, as it caused a slight pang. I miss our office, 4 St George’s Place, Brighton. It’s not just our office, it’s our home. And in spite of all the tech, our strong connections (often over bad connections) involving rowdy virtual meetings

Take some time out and listen to our new series Desig Isolation Discs. Our founder, Adam Hill, interviews people from travel, insurance, marketing and music industries to discover which three songs are helping them get through isolation. DesigIsolation Discs, Series 1, Episode 8. Dedi Madden, Zero7. This may well be the  final DesigIsolation Disc. This week, I'm talking to singer, songwriter and guitarist Dedi Madden. The series started with Goldie Lookin’ Chain’s Eggsy and has possibly ended

There are some big questions to consider as we here in the UK (largely with gritted teeth) settle further in to what will be weeks, and likely months, of isolation and a generally quieter existence and altogether different way of life. What will be the lasting effects of this global phenomenon of a world largely on hold, and of profound enforced behavioural change at a collective and individual level? When the great un-locking finally arrives (in whatever

Luxury travel company Kuoni have a really distinct and unique proposition. In an era of travel agents closing their shops and moving into more and more online areas, they zigged when everyone else zagged. They actually increased their high street presence, opening not just more of their own shops but also having a presence in John Lewis stores too. They realised that people could make the difference. That for discerning customers, the personal touch delivered by

We've just launched a brand new campaign for LV=. The brief was simple. And big too. Come up with an idea that could work right across the company that would demonstrate their unique approach to customer service and product development. And that approach is one rooted in an empathy and understanding of their customers. That they have their customers' best interests at heart. For LV= insurance isn't just a matter of looking after bits of steel and wheels

Did you know that the US Government can bring your website down without any warning? Well, if you have a .com domain name, they can. Wherever you are based. In fact they did just that, to us. On Wednesday of last week, we stopped receiving external emails. After a very short investigation, our IT support company pointed out that our domain name had been ‘seized’. It’s a unique feeling to be presented with the message at the top

Columbus Direct is a travel insurance client of ours. They have a great product which allows customers to go on holiday, safe in the knowledge that if anything should happen such as their flight being delayed or needing any medical help, they'll be taken care of with lounge access and online GPs on call 24 hours a day. In short, we'd be able to tell their target audience that they'd be able to enjoy happier