Did you know that the US Government can bring your website down without any warning? Well, if you have a .com domain name, they can. Wherever you are based. In fact they did just that, to us. On Wednesday of last week, we stopped receiving external emails. After a very short investigation, our IT support company pointed out that our domain name had been ‘seized’. It’s a unique feeling to be presented with the message at the top

Columbus Direct is a travel insurance client of ours. They have a great product which allows customers to go on holiday, safe in the knowledge that if anything should happen such as their flight being delayed or needing any medical help, they'll be taken care of with lounge access and online GPs on call 24 hours a day. In short, we'd be able to tell their target audience that they'd be able to enjoy happier

We've recently been working with Audley Travel. A company that prides itself on delivering premium tailor-made experiences for the people who book with them. It's been a truly broad project and a very exciting one for us - producing a new brand architecture and tone of voice for Audley, taking it right through to a new advertising campaign that will position them in a genuinely unique and standout way. In a sea of generic turn

We've just launched a new campaign for Brittany Ferries. We've been working together to deliver a highly targeted, highly personalised way of bringing to life their brand aim of revealing the fantastic destinations on the Western Coast of Europe. Previously, Brittany Ferries campaigns had been led by TV. The aim to share more diverse destinations with their target audience meant that this year we were going to be delivering a film based campaign in VOD and in an online environment.

We've just launched a brand new campaign for Teletext Holidays. Launching with TV activity, our work will also be seen online and in the press. Teletext Holidays have a truly memorable name, but people are unaware of what they offer and how they do it. And for an online travel company that delivers great value short and long haul sunshine destination holidays, they do it a little differently. Sure, they have a website that's packed with

For the second year running, we've decided to donate the money we would normally spend on gifts and cards to the YMCA Downslink Group. They're a charity based just a few doors from our office, who do great things in our city, especially the homeless. We'll be providing Christmas boxes which include gifts for young adults who would otherwise receive nothing on Christmas Day. Items include warm socks, chocolate, toiletries and a Bluetooth speaker. Gifts

We're looking for an outstanding Digital Designer to join our Creative Department. Day-to-day, our work is as varied as our clients. So that can involve working individually on purely design projects to collaborating as part of a wider team. Brand is at the heart of what do, so understanding and applying that across different clients and different channels is crucial. At heart you'll be a digitally focussed designer who can also easily turn their hand to

The courageous move by John and Irene Hays to buy all 555 Thomas Cook retail agencies is something which has thrust them into the national, indeed, international spotlight. And so, here they are: Beacons of hope, honesty and humility against a murky background of corporate greed. Now they have a massive opportunity, to replace the tarnished and mistreated brand of Thomas Cook with their own, and to prove, as true champions of the high street, there

We recently began a new and exciting partnership with a high street and online travel agent. Travelbag have a rich history of making long-haul travel more accessible and more affordable. They’re an exciting company led by ambitious and adventurous people. In many ways, they’re the perfect fit for us. So why, as an advertising agency, did we decide the best way to make this partnership work was by forgetting about their advertising? Initially, Travelbag had asked us to look at their upcoming campaign. But the

You might have noticed a few programmes recently about the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landings. Just the one or two. So what the world really needs now is another blog about it. Especially one about lessons that can be learnt for creative agencies. But I also work for an agency that likes to work with ambitious people on ambitious projects and what was the moon landing if not that? I'm a bit of a space geek despite being totally