We're looking for someone for this crucial and central full time role in the agency. You'll be working alongside the Account Team and the Creative Director, taking responsibility for the management of the creative production of client projects to ensure maximum efficiency across the Agency. Duties will include monitoring and developing the following functions: Resourcing the creative department to respond to the needs of the business, managing all aspects of the art buying function, trafficking and photo-shoot

"Slip me the needle through the letterbox and all will be fine. " I scared myself the other day. At the tail end of another typical week at the helm of our wonderful advertising agency, Designate, twinkling lights in the eyes were closely followed by my waking up on my kitchen floor. I had passed out for the first time in my life. "Was that real, or are you bored of my conversation?" were the caring words from my wife, Lou. I

I have just returned from the USA, and while I must not generalise or take a small sample, it would appear that Trump is not doing too well in the popularity stakes. "Trump is bad", said my five-year old niece from the back of my American cousin's Toyota. And the message was similar all over the news. 'What will he do next?' was the underlying message in most of the newscasts. I didn't hear one positive piece

Ryanair’s Chief Marketing Office, Kenny Jacobs, recently lamented to the travel trade press about the travel industry’s lack of fortitude in dispensing with Google, whose dodgy business model may soon come a cropper when European Courts get their teeth properly stuck in. In particularly he was highly critical of the way the insidious algorithm offers commercial advantage to those willing to pay the piper, to the detriment of real user-benefits. For slightly different reasons, it’s a subject

At Designate’s most recent Speakeasy event, during a week of Independence Day related events when many US destinations were in town to promote themselves to the UK travel trade, the big topic was addressed head-on: Is President Trump harming the US tourism industry? Putting perceptions and personal opinions to one side, there have been a flurry of tourism statistics in recent months suggesting that UK visitors are staying away from American destinations. The stats vary, and some

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been working on a brand new website for a brand new boutique hotel - Nos Da Ty. We were really excited when our friend and client Peter Welch from Disney told us that during a cricket tour he had met Sri Lankan, Indra Weligamage (a former chef and travel guide). They realised they had a shared passion for the beautiful island where Indra was born and raised. Going into business

Same vibe, different venue. This time in the very heart of the West End of London: The Trump Slump is real. Immigration, visas, currency dropping, politics, terrorism - all this means there are less Brits going to the US for their holidays and vice versa. So what's the future of the special relationship? What can be done to improve it? What's the future for Brand USA? What marketing efforts can be made? Industry experts and key representatives of the UK and US travel